Citizenship and Difference in the Land of Agonism

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Par Eloi Saint Bris University of Massachusetts

[Regards Critiques] sur le livre Identity\Difference: Democratic Negotiations of Political Paradox de William E. Connolly’s. (Article en Anglais).

“The will to system is a lack of experience, to say the least” (xi). With these words laid out in the preface of Identity\Difference, Connolly sets forth his atypical program of complication of the political experience. Written twenty years ago, the book was enormously influential throughout many disciplines, beginning with social and political theory. As one of the main representatives of agonism, Connolly inscribed his theory in the polit ical landscape by problematizing and politicizing first and foremost the question of the other and difference in any societal project, making agonism henceforward incontrovertible. Twenty years after its publication, let us come back to the main implications of Connolly’s work...